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  • Glueless Frontal

    Hey Stylist! Let's Learn how to add on a Glueless Frontal
    • Learn how to fully install your closure without Glue
    • Learn my exclusive braiding technique!
    • Learn how to efficiently apply your wig and closure
    • Learn how to sew down your Wig and Closure
    • Learn how to Mold down your Closure
    • Learn how to pluck your closure for a natural look and feel
    • Learn how to cut your lace for a flawless look
    • Learn how to achieve the "Melted Look"
    • Learn how to create natural looking "Baby Hairs"
  • Royal Bundle Deal

    Gain access to my Glue and Glue-less Frontal Course!
    • Learn how to install your lace with and without Glue!
    • Learn how to create natural looking "Baby Hairs"
    • Learn how to create a natural looking Hair Line
    • Learn how to "Melt Down" your Lace for a flawless look!
    • Learn exclusive braiding techniques for a quick Install
    • Learn the Ball Cap method for a successful Lace
    • Learn how to safely secure and protect edges without damage
    • Gain premium access to both Courses
    • Bonus: Be a part of my exclusive email list
    • Bonus: Have access to exclusive and private training!
  • Glue Frontal Course

    Learn how to apply a frontal with Glue
    • Access to both Glue and Glueless Course
    • Learn about the Ball Cap Method
    • Learn how to apply and Sew down your Wig
    • Learn how to apply Glue to your closure
    • Learn how to protect your client's edges even with Glue!
    • Learn how to create Baby Hairs with your Closure
    • Learn how to style and maintain your closure
Jasmine Monet Hair Salon
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